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Welcome to JQL Gadget

Gadgets are the future giving you the tools you need directly on your desktop and JQL Gadget is working to produce the gadget you need.

So what are Gadgets?

Gadgets are small programs that can help you work better, smarter and easier. Gadgets give you the tools you need right on your desktop. The sorts of thing Gadgets can do for you are: Play Internet Radio; Give you live News updates; Tell you the weather virtually anywhere in the world; Give Stock updates; Display maps; Remind you to Take-A-Break; Link into Microsoft Outlook to display your calendar; Link to your Instant Messenger program.

Gadgets can be calculators, photo albums, jotters, currency converters, reminders. The list is virtually endless. In fact gadgets can be virtually any program you may want to use, somebody just needs to write a gadget to do it!

Gadgets operate in the new Windows Vista Sidebar. The Sidebar is a pane on the Windows Vista desktop which gives you access to your gadgets and the tools for organising, adding removing and working with your gadgets. You can also move gadgets from the Sidebar directly onto your desktop.



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